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Frieze Art Fair, London

"What if we can transfer every television to "Tell Vision" canvas?"

As Long As You Want the Answer Free, 

Everything Becomes Your Canvas.

Light Gallery

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OLED for Every
Saatchi Gallery, London

"What if the established artists and the establishing artists in the world could be together to deliver a message for everyone on every wall in the world?"

In Collaboration with

Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama, BANKSY, Luke Stephenson, Je Baak, Ruofan Chen, RC2B


LG was the only conglomerate that did not own their gallery in Korea. On the other hand, from the point of BESIGN's view, LG can get the largest, biggest and exquisitely beautiful gallery compared to the others.

First of all, LG has always been the best in the display sector, and it means every wall and display (from TV to Smartphone area) can be their gallery. Moreover, any people can visit that space whenever and wherever without cultural limitations or language barriers. That was the main reason why I designed the slogan “Beyond


Second, the name of LG already involves the DNA of gallery. As a result, I just added “ALLERY”.

Greenwich Ltd

Greenwich, One of the exclusive Investbank's branding motivations is started from the traditional mythology of the gryphon. 

The guardian of the gold and protector of the mine. 


MUN (warmbot for children’s hospital) Just after the project above BESIGN had the opportunity with one of the biggest hospitals in Korea, Seoul National University Hospital, to plan and design a robot for child patients. BESIGN used keywords from the line of an ancient song in Korea “月印千江之曲(the moon’s reflection stamped on a thousand rivers and valleys)” as a direct slogan for robot design, instead of using words familiar to this market. By following a story in this line, I wanted to give a moon to each patient’s room. Therefore, a robot’s outlook had a human touch so that it was different from printouts from a computer. Through this process, I could experience and learn about how to create things that bring empathy. However, I know that this idea fades away; time changes quickly in this technological civilization. I am now attempting to think about a more complete creation, and how to communicate with the world by using my creation.   



ClubD, the most biggest golf club for every with highend service. 

The branding is inspired by one of Korea's most representative trees, pine trees, diamonds, and arrowheads that can tie all of these together in one big direction.

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"What if you could deliver valuable water through design for everyone?"

Inspired by the long myth of the water source, the branding was completed.

Loging Gogh

"Who says Gogh's dead?"

If Gogh was not dead and still alive, it was BESIGN's motivtion to connect the gap in between.

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The Black Paper

OLED is not just Television, Canvas for every. 

After, we had a chance to collaborated with notable artists in each department. 



Everything About Brand Making to Marketing


London, Seoul

Tel: +44 7572 748838 

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